studentaboutJoyce Turner, 52, raising 4 grandchildren

“I had lost my self esteem, and since I have been at Taylor, I am now blossoming into the confident, joyful person that I used to be.”

Corzetta Myrick, 60

“It started with the counselor at my first meeting. I felt he truly cared for me, and wanted to help me start a new life. And – I was right. He did care for me – the entire staff here cares for me – I truly believe that.”

Venita Bufford, 33, raising 3 children

“I was never a very good student, school was very difficult for me. But at Taylor I’ve been on the Honor Roll 2 times!”

Myrna Murray, 45, raising 5 children and 6 grandchildren.

“I come from a family of high school drop-outs. I now know that it’s never too late to start over. With my degree from Taylor, I feel better about myself, and my kids feel better about themselves. All my kids are now enrolled in college.”

Kristin Mitchell, 36, raising 4 children

“I come from a family where EVERYONE went to college. But for me – I never had the interest. I never had the focus. I finally became tired of being tired. That’s when I called Taylor. Taylor made me get all my priorities in order. I feel powerful now.”

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