Scholarship Program

studentaboutThe focus of the scholarship program is to help the “non-traditional post high school graduate, of lower socio-economic status, start and complete their educational goals.” Many non-traditional students are older, often parents (single parents) who have jobs and families competing for their time, energy, and limited financial resources. Students applying for scholarships must demonstrate financial need according to the Federal Financial Aid Needs Analysis.

Level Playing Field is deeply committed to social justice and equal opportunity for education by developing successful individuals to build strong communities. Through fundraising for scholarships, we believe that no student should be declined or left behind due to a lack of finan¬cial resources. The Organization realizes that post-secondary education is vital for traditionally underserved populations including minorities and the economically disadvantaged. Level Playing Field will work to ensure that the opportunity for higher education is available to individu¬als from all walks of life and that no student in need is left behind.

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