studentreadingWho is eligible for a scholarship from Level Playing Field?
Students applying for scholarships must demonstrate financial need according to the Federal Financial Aid Needs Analysis. Applications and more information is available by contacting Taylor Business Institute’s Financial Aid Department at (312) 658-5100.

What criteria does Level Playing Field use when selecting scholarship recipients?

Level Playing Field’s criteria is based on the Federal Financial Aid Needs Analysis and is determined by the Board of Directors’ Scholarship Committee.


What percentage of Level Playing Field’s budget goes to operating costs?
In 2015, less than 16% of the total operating budget was spent on operating costs. Over 84% of the money raised by Level Playing Field went directly to scholarship recipients.

In addition to making a monetary donation, how can I help?

Level Playing Field is always looking for talented and motivated volunteers, whether as board members, mentors, or special event volunteers. Please contact us for details on our various volunteer opportunities. LPF welcomes donations of school supplies, transit cards, business clothing, and other student resources. Internship opportunities are also a great way to provide assistance to students.

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