About Taylor Business Institute

studenttestimonialLevel Playing Field and Taylor Business Institute: the Connection

The Level Playing Field Foundation was established as an outreach resource for the Taylor Business Institute and its students; however, individuals not attending Taylor Busi­ness Institute may also apply for scholarships.

TBI Mission:

Taylor Business Institute’s vision is to address the educational and personal development needs of a diverse, underserved student population while increasing our presence within the Chicago community. We see Taylor as an educational environment that fuses technologically-enhanced education and general education to support our students’ mastery of those skills necessary for success in the workplace and their community.

What makes TBI unique?


TBI caters to adults returning to school in their 30s, 40s – and even their 60s.

Classroom environment:

TBI’s small classes (usually less than 20 students) ensure that individual attention is always available.

Caring Community:

TBI provides family and professional counseling to smooth the transition into school and ultimately out into the workplace. Faculty members care about their students, knowing each person’s name and closely tracking personal and educational development to help them succeed.

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