About Level Playing Field

studentaboutLevel Playing Field is deeply committed to social justice and equal opportunity for education by developing successful individuals to build strong communities. We believe that no student should be declined or left behind for lack of financial resources. The Organization realizes that post-secondary education is vital for traditionally underserved populations including minorities and the economically disadvantaged. Level Playing Field works to insure that the opportunity for higher education is available to individuals from all walks of life and that no student in need is left behind.

Mission & Vision:
Our mission is to provide scholarships and supportive services for students who, because of economic hardships, find it difficult to pursue the relevant skills and education necessary for equal opportunity in the workplace.

Our vision of Empowerment is the cornerstone of the scholarship program. We believe that by providing financial assis¬tance, individuals will become empowered to develop their true potential and meet the challenges of the 21st Century workplace with intelligence, competency of skills, and prac-tical knowledge.

The Level Playing Field Organization was established in 2002 as an outreach resource for the Taylor Business Institute and its students; however, individuals not attending Taylor Business Institute may also apply for scholarships.

Level Playing Field has awarded over $747,000 in scholarships to more than 300 students. These students have gone on to pursue both higher education and successful careers, achieving a level of accomplishment that wouldn’t have been possible without assistance offered by Level Playing Field.

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